1. What is the usage cost?

The usage cost is dependent upon the date and time selected. Rates/fees are subject to change due to time of year, number of attendees, hours of events, or at the sole discretion of SOCIAL@LOFT. Please contact us for pricing.  

2What amenities are included?

Included is a wet bar, various seating areas, dining table, fire place, televisions, and audio system. 

3.  How many guests can be accommodated?

Social@Loft can accommodate 60 guests, however, 50 is suggested for comfort. 

4. Is parking available?

Yes, you have access to parking located in the rear of the building as space allows. On street parking is also available. 

5.  Is your facility handicapped accessible?

No, we are not handicap accessible. 

6. Is outside catering allowed?  

Yes, outside catering is allowed. Recommendations to our preferred caterers are also available upon request. 

7.  Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is allowed, however, you are unable to charge for the consumption, charge an admission, or pay at the door to gain entry to events.  A temporary liquor license from the State of Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control must be obtained to sell alcohol or charge an admission. Alcohol is strictly prohibited to minors 

8. How do you schedule a tour? 

A tour of the facility is suggested to determine if the studio will work for your event needs. All tours are by appointment only and based on availability. 

9.  How do you reserve a date?

To reserve a date, a signed contract is required along with a 50% deposit of the total balance. 

Contact us to learn more